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Carpet Damage Repair and Steam Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga,California

Nico's Carpet & Restoration is trusted for carpet cleaning services in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Our carpet restoration has removed mold and improved air quality from Upland to Montclair. We also offer upholstery cleaning that renews the appeal of vinyl and leather fabrics.

The many services we offer allow our carpet care to grow with your needs. You will save time and money with a single call to our carpet cleaning service.

Your carpets form first impressions on visitors. The odor of pets or food stains affects this impression. Stained and smelly carpets also reduce your home’s value. We make pet odor removal easy with our eco-friendly carpet shampoos. Your home will smell clean and fresh, which allows our clients to welcome guests with confidence.

Nico's Carpet & Restoration also uses steam cleaning for quick stain removal. Even the most stubborn stains are lifted with our modern methods. Rancho Cucamonga companies also trust our commercial carpet cleaners to enhance their office or retail spaces.

Fires can wreak havoc on your home or business. The property damage includes your carpets. Burn stains are unsightly and reduce the curb appeal of your living spaces.

Aside from fire damage, everyday cigarette or candle burns may also occur. Nico's Carpet & Restoration is proud to offer an affordable solution. Your carpet fire damage is repaired with our steam cleaning technology. Your home’s carpeting is restored to original condition, which is an inexpensive alternative to replacement.

Carpet water damage has numerous effects. Soggy carpeting limits access to certain areas of your home. Your business may not be able to welcome customers, as well. The risks of carpet mold also rise, as wet fibers help this toxic substance form. Nico's Carpet & Restoration responds quickly after flood or water damage. Our Rancho Cucamonga carpet cleaners protect your family’s health by preventing carpet mold.

We use nontoxic carpet shampoos to penetrate deep into fibers for effective cleaning. Our fast dry carpet cleaning system allows families and pets to relax on freshly cleaned surfaces. Carpet stretching reduces trip and fall risks for lumpy surfaces.

Over time, your carpet may bunch up and become uneven. Our carpet repairs provide a smooth and safe surface for your family. While on site, we also feature vinyl and leather upholstery cleaning to restore couches, tables, or chairs.

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