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Infrared Leak Detection 

Leak and Moisture Infiltration Detection in Rancho Cucamonga, California 

Mold detection in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is done accurately with a call to Nico's Carpet & Restoration at (909) 277-6859. Our leak finders minimize water damage with humidity detection that is made easy with modern technology. Armed with infrared water leak detection, we find drips from roofs, walls ceilings and pipes that are not readily apparent. This includes infrared moisture detection in crawl spaces and basements for even the smallest water leak.

We stop water infiltration at the source with office and home mold detection that is backed by over 25 years of experience. Our Rancho Cucamonga water leak detectors can reduce the risks of flood water damage from pipes that are on the verge of bursting or other fixtures that may need mold remediation. With roof leak detection services, Nico's Carpet & Restoration identifies early signs of decay that may lead to holes or even collapses.

Wherever the home leak detection, we take pride in preventing mold and mildew with fast response that is available day or night. Call (909) 277-6859 for infrared moisture detection that prevents the onset of home or commercial water damage with over 2 decades of results.

Why choose us for home water leak detection in Rancho Cucamonga? Our hi-tech infrared leak detection pinpoints where pipe water infiltration is occurring. This allows us to mitigate costly water damage before carpet restoration or upholstery cleaning is needed. Since home mold detection requires the right equipment and fast response; our water leak finders arrive with all that is needed for fast results.

Much like our fire damage inspections, our clients have peace of mind knowing our infrared mold detection can be applied to all living spaces. We help families put an end to room water damage with leaky roof detection that works with all shingles or materials. Meanwhile, our basement humidity detection shows if further cleanup is needed after floods or during muggy summers.

Affordable mold detection is also available across: Upland, Montclair, Fontana and Claremont.

Please contact us at (909) 277-6859 for home leak detection in Rancho Cucamonga that minimizes the need for water damage cleanup. Questions? Check our Mold FAQ for more insights. 

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